A GPL-GPS OpenSource GPS Receiver for educational, engineering, scientific and R&D applications.

The GPS600 is easy to setup and use with a laptop or desktop PC that has a standard USB interface. And the GPS600 can be used with either Windows or Linux operating systems. Just download the brochure and the user guide below for more information.

The GPS600 is supplied complete with antenna, USB cable and source code (no kits or circuit boards to assemble). And it's available at a fraction of the cost of other educational GPS receivers!

GPS600 Brochure GPS600 User Guide
What others have told us:

"Congratulations on your excellent software and hardware work. It is far from trivial, and you've done a superb job, saving me (and no doubt many others) enormous amounts of time." - E.G., Sausalito, CA

"I got your receiver to work with my open source code. I am very impressed and pleased by the initial performance of the board! When I run my code on the GPSBuilder-2 board and on yours, I can see a huge difference in I and Q sample quality (noise). Your board works much better." -S.E., University of Colorado, Boulder, CO

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